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VIDEO: 5 Bad Habits Christian Women Need to Break

We all have them. Bad habits we really need to break.

1. Judging Others Whose Convictions Differ from Our Own


Admit it. It’s pretty easy to look down on the Christian woman who sends her children to public school while you make the sacrifice to home school yours. Or, to think that homeschooling mom is enabling her children to be spiritually weak by not exposing them – as you are – to the faith-stretching experience of public schools.
Judging other Christians for their differing convictions is legalism, not love for others, which Jesus said is the second greatest commandment (Matthew 22:37-39).

2. Gossiping by “Sharing” a Prayer Request

Every Christian woman knows it is a sin to gossip. But we tend to believe if we are “sharing” a prayer request about someone else, we are justified.
Food for thought: If you wouldn’t take it upon yourself to “share” another’s struggles with a third party if that struggling person was standing there next to you, don’t share it at all.


3. Offering Unsolicited Counseling

Have you been on the receiving end of “Christian counsel” from a woman who listened to you but then started offering advice without asking permission first? I think we’ve all done this, now and then, without even realizing it. While Scripture commands us to encourage and exhort, the key is found in Ephesians 4:29 – do it in a way that lifts others up, “according to the need of the moment…” Problem is, most women don’t need our advice in the moment. They need someone to listen and encourage them.
There’s nothing worse than giving (or receiving) “Christian counsel” that is neither Christian, nor wise counsel.

4. Failing to Care for Our Bodies
Scripture says our bodies are temples, the dwelling place of the living God (1 Cor. 6:19-20). Yet I’ve heard far too many women joke about “getting a new body in heaven someday” as justification for failing to care for the bodies they have now.
A longtime pastor, refers to our physical neglect as “the absent theology of the human body.” We believe we should be disciplined in daily prayer, Bible study, and surrender to the Holy Spirit’s control of our lives, yet shouldn’t that discipline extend to daily habits like proper eating, drinking, exercising, and making sure we’re not overworked, overstressed, and undernourished?
Scripture implies anything in excess is a sin. And that includes eating and vegging on the couch, as well.

5. Belittling Ourselves
Come on, girl. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) so your talk about yourself should reflect that you are created in God’s image, saved by the sacrifice of His Son, and being sanctified by His Holy Spirit.
The old adage “God don’t make no junk” holds true here. Talk of yourself in light of your identity in Christ. It’s much more attractive.