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VIDEO: How to combat the 7 most deadly sins

Pride has broken families apart, greed has torn humanity to shreds and envy keeps people from feeling the joy God has for each of us – so how can we fight these sins and live for God?



We can battle pride by accepting the fact that no human has, or ever will be, perfect save for Christ. It’s alright to fail sometimes – as a matter of fact, failure is necessary to accomplish goals. It breaks us down from having large egos and builds us up again when we choose to try again.


We work hard, save our money and buy the things we desire – but someone else will always have more to their name.


The next time you begin to feel envious of what others have, take a look at what God has blessed you with and say a short prayer of thanks. Ask God to change your heart and allow you to be grateful for the blessings He has bestowed upon you.


God has a plan for us all. Part of that plan is allowing us to learn about who we are and who we want to be. God is with us every step of that journey. If you notice you are struggling with anger, ask God to help you control yourself and, though it sounds juvenile, remind yourself to count to ten while angry.

Do so mentally at a slow tempo while deeply inhaling, holding for a moment, then exhaling.


Being lazy doesn’t necessarily limit itself to refusing to attend social functions – being lazy includes the refusal to listen when God tells you to take a few hours each week to help feed the hungry or go to the bank to get some cash to donate to a good cause.


You are being greedy when you choose to skip church to sleep in because you over-indulged the night before, despite knowing you had Mass the next morning. You are being greedy when you tell people you are too busy to spend time with them, then sit for hours at your computer accomplishing nothing.


To avoid gluttony, remind yourself that you don’t need to finish the whole meal you ordered for lunch. You don’t need to eat when you’re bored. Try to do something else to keep yourself from snacking.


It is easy to see an attractive person and feel good about what you see, but there is no reason you should be undressing people with your eyes.
Not only is this inappropriate, but it is also a gateway to other, more intense lustful thoughts and activities.
If you find yourself lusting after someone who is not your spouse, consider taking time to work on yourself. Try speaking to a church leader or close friend or family member.

Remember, God is always there to help.